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19 Jan 2013
President Obama urges Congress to meet its deadlines and responsibilities, protect the middle class from an income tax hike, and lay the groundwork for future progress on more economic growth and deficit reduction.
3 Nov 2012
President Obama thanks the brave first responders and National Guardsmen for their tireless work following one of the worst storms in our nation�s history, and reassures the millions of Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy that their country will be there for them during the long road to recovery
30 Apr 2012
Helping our Veterans and Servicemembers Make Informed Decisions
11 Feb 2012
4 Feb 2012
President Obama continues his call for a return to American values, including fairness and equality, as part of his blueprint for an economy built to last.>

28 Jan 2012
In his weekly address, President Obama discusses the blueprint he put forward this week in the State of the Union Address for creating an economy built to last.    After focusing on American manufacturing, American energy, and skills for American workers during each of the last three days, he used his weekly address to highlight his commitment to a renewal of American values. The President is challenging leaders in Washington, DC to follow the model set by our men and women in the military, end the gridlock and start tackling the issues that matter – without regard for personal ambition.


Larry Drake
Chair, and all members of the Portsmouth Democratic Committee

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